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4 discos de Blaxploitation da melhor qualidade.

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Brother On The Run Johnny Pate

A fine and very rare Perception LP from some-time Impressions arranger Johnny Pate, also responsible for the classic ‘Shaft In Africa’. While this album is not as strong as the Shaft LP, it features a beautiful funky theme sung by Adam Wade and a number of strong funk instrumentals. This album obviously influenced a great many Acid Jazz artists.

Johnny Pate – Brother On The Run (1973)

01- Brother On The Run (Opening)

02- Brother (Title)

03- Auto Chase

04- Maude’s Intro

05- En Route To Maude’s

06- Soulful Brother On The Run

07- Lady Leaving Store

08- Ms. Johnston’s Sex Scene

09- Car Bumps

10- Maude Reminisces

11- Untitled

12- Brother On The Run (Closing Theme)

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Madame Claude

A great 70s soundtrack from Serge Gainsbourg — funky, electric, and his most dynamic work ever for the screen — a set that’s almost in the territory of some of the Italian police films from the same time! A good number of tracks here rely strongly on funky drums, slinky keyboards, and bubbling basslines — strutting out with a nice cop show sort of approach to funk — and although Jane Birkin sings on one number, the rest of the score is instrumental — making for a further display of Serge’s mighty talents in the 70s. Arrangements and direction are by JP Sabard — who gets a great sound from Birkin on the sublime “Yesterday, Yes A Day” — and steps out instrumentally on tracks that include “Yesterday On Fender”, “Passage A Tobacco”, “Mi Corasong”, “Discophteque”, “Burnt Island”, and “Diapositivisme”.

Serge Gainsbourg – Madame Claude (1977)

01 Diapositivisme

02 Discophote¦Çque

03 Mi Corasong

04 Ketchup In The Night

05 Fish-Eye Blues

06 Te¦üle¦üObjectivisme

07 Putain que ma joie demeure

08 Burnt island

09 Yesterday yes a day

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Claude (John Savage), um jovem do Oklahoma que foi recrutado para a guerra do Vietnã, é “adotado” em Nova York por um grupo de hippies comandados por Berger (Treat Williams), que como seus amigos tem conceitos nada convencionais sobre o comportamento social e tenta convencê-lo dos absurdos da atual sociedade. Lá Claude também se apaixona por Sheila (Beverly D’Angelo), uma jovem proveniente de uma rica família.Dirigido por Milos Forman (Um Estranho no Ninho) e com Treat Williams e Beverly D’Angelo no elenco.

Galt McDermot – Hair (1979)

01. Aquarius

02. Sodomy

03. Donna / Hashish

04. Colored Spade

05. Manchester

06. Able Baby / Fourscore

07. I’m Black / Ain’t Got No

08. Air

09. Party Music

10. My Conviction

11. I Got Live

12. Frank Mills

13. Hair

14. L.B.J. (Initials)

15. Electric Blues / Old Fashioned Melody

16. Hare Krishna

17. Where Do I Go

18. Black Boys

19. White Boys

20. Walking In Space

21. Easy To Be Hard

22. 3-5-0-0

23. Good Morning Starshine

24. What Piece of Work Is Man

25. Somebody To Love

26. Don’t Put It Down

27. The Flesh Failures / Let The Sunshine In

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Why you would want to cover an entire album, and a soundtrack at that, is a bit confusing, but seeing as how Shaft was a huge hit I guess Soul Mann & The Brothers could have picked worse material to work with. Although the sequencing is different, this album covers the first two sides of Isaac Hayes double LP soundtrack Shaft. There’s no singing and the sound is a little different but they don’t really change any of the compositions. I’d like to know the story behind this because it just seems like a cheap rip-off to cash in on the fame and money generated by the movie. Like the original Shaft OST, the best off of the Soul Mann’s version are Theme From Shaft, Bumpy’s Lament, Walk From Regio’s, and Elli’s Love Theme.

Soul Mann & The Brothers – Shaft (1971)

01. Theme From Shaft

02. Cafe Regio’s

03. Early Sunday Morning

04. Be Yourself

05. A Friend’s Place

06. Shaft’s Cab Ride

07. Bumpy’s Lament

08. Walk From Regio’s

09. Ellie’s Love Theme

10. Bumpy’s Blues

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