DeBarge was an American soul music, and funk group. Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, the group is named for their shared surname, and included the brothers Mark, James, Randy, and Eldra (or “El”), and their sister Bunny.

Bunny DeBarge (vocals)
Mark DeBarge (trombeta, saxophone e os vocals)
James DeBarge (teclados e vocals)
Randy DeBarge (baixo e vocals)
e EIdra DeBarge (teclados e vocals)

Debarge – Greatest Hits

1. Rhythm Of The Night
2. Who’s Holding Donna Now
3. You Wear It Well
4. Stop! Don’t Tease Me
5. I Like It
6. All This Love
7. Time Will Reveal
8. Love Me In A Special Way
9. Share My World
10. Single Heart
11. The Heart Is Not So Smart

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