O Original Funk Music traz a Parte 3 e 4 /8 das 70 faixas avulsas com o melhor do Funk, Groove, Disco internacional e Brazuca para atender uma rapaziada que mesmo com toda dificuldade sempre esta de olho no blog.

Funk Parte 3/8

Rufus Thomas – Tutti Frutti

James Brown – Mind Power

Al Hudson & The Partners – You Can do It

Damion & Denita – Can You See Me Now

Greg Kihn Band – Jeopardy

Gwen Mcrae – Funky Sensation

Jerald Deamyon – Summer Madness

Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair


Jazz Funk Parte 4/8

Lou Donaldson – Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky

Marcus Miller – Power

Jack Mc Duf – Hunk O Funk

Mandrill – Positive Thing

Mavis Staples – Gotta Serve Somebody

Players Association – Turn The Music Up

Sly & The Family Stone – The Same Thing

The Meters – People Say

The Pointer Sisters – Yes We Can Can

Vernon Burch – Do It To Me

Vin Zee – Funky Bebop