Mais Pancadas Sonoras

Há um certo tempo havia postado um volume do original raw soul, e havia prometido, os outros dois vols. chega agora os links pra rapaziada.

Even More Original Raw Soul

1. Tha Pharaohs Love Y’all – The Pharaohs

2. Eddie’s Thing – Push

3. Wait (Don’t Rush Me) – Tony Cook

4. I’m on the Move – Bobby Byrd

5. You Gotta Give Love Up – Cole & The Gang

6. Is It Good to You – Tony Cook

7. Flute Tune – Push

8. Hepcat – Soul Quality Quartet

9. Running Rude – Up, Bustle and Out

10. Back from the Dead – Bobby Byrd

11. Teeny Bopper – Tony Cook

12. How Good It Feels to Be Loved – The Max

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